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Like any new service we’re planning to use existing social media services to share insights into what we’re working on. We have two twitter accounts that we’ll be using to share information from the site:

  • @TeamKasabi — this will be our main twitter account, shared by the whole team. We’ll be using this for key product announcements, pointers to interesting blog posts and articles from both here and the community, and general chatter. This is the best account to follow if you’re interested in following our run-up to launch over the next few months
  • @KasabiData — this account will feature more automated tweets, e.g. announcing the creation of new datasets and services. This is the best account to follow if you’re interested in tapping into the flow of new data onto the site.

There may be some overlaps between the two streams, particularly if we’re keen to promote some new dataset, but hopefully the option to select which account to follow will let you tune into the information in which you’re interested.

As keen users and producers of open source software, we’ll also be using Github to share open source code, client libraries and example applications that we produce from the project. We’re hoping to open source and share as much as possible with the community, over and above the patches and contributions we make to a number of existing projects.

If you’re a hacker then feel free to follow us on github to track the publishing of new code and samples.

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