Looking ahead to Strataconf

Posted on 01/12/2011 by


The new O’Reilly conference, Strataconf, is being held in Santa Clara at the beginning of February. Over the past couple of months it’s been shaping up to be a really special event in the conference calendar with a great array of speakers, topics and attendees.

I set up a personal schedule for the conference to map out the sessions I was interested in and, as expected, I’ll have to be splitting myself into two or three at times in order to attend everything I wanted to see! Factor in the hallway conversations and the fact that there are a number of sessions looking at data marketplaces, commercialization of data, as well as innovative uses for data in general, it’s sure to be a inspiring few days.

If you’re attending let me know, I’d love to meet up to hear about what other people are working on, as well as sharing a little more about Kasabi.

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