Introducing the Kasabi Team

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Introducing the Kasabi Team

So, this is my first post as a member of Team Kasabi. It’s traditional to do a Hello-world piece, giving a background and bio and sharing preferences for coffee and the like; but I’ll only say a few words about myself below. Instead, I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce the whole team behind Kasabi and give everyone the chance to get to know us a bit better. So, here are my colleagues and I, with a bit of background and what we’ll be doing over the next few months.

Leigh Dodds

LeighI’m Leigh (@ldodds), the product lead for Kasabi and programme manager for the Talis Platform. For many years, I’ve been working with and speaking about Semantic Web, XML and open Web technologies. I’m passionate about technology, open data, lego and my family (not necessarily in that order).

You can read my blog, look over recent presentations or find bugs with my code in the usual places.

Julian Higman

JulianHi, I’m the technical lead on the Kasabi project. I started programming in the early ’80s with the Apple II and Sinclair ZX81, and have enjoyed coding ever since – though the platforms and languages have definitely improved. After working at some bigger companies like Digital and Enron, I was introduced to startup culture and Agile techniques in about 1999, and have worked with XP and Scrum ever since. I positively enjoy a well-written unit test.

I joined Talis in 2007, where I’ve worked on library catalogs, community information systems, resource list projects and now the Kasabi data marketplace. These have all had the common theme of using RDF stores and semantic technologies as a platform for building applications.

Outside of work, I used to be a keen snowboarder, until small children arrived. Now I mostly enjoy reading stories about bears.

You can find me on twitter (@jhigman), my blog or LinkedIn

Danisha Bathia

DanishaMy name is Danisha Bathia and I am Business Development Manager at team Kasabi.

I am in a lucky place, I love my job and the company that I work for. They allow me to combine my passions into an exciting role on an exciting project. I like to engage audiences. I am über organised and am lucky to be able to work and meet people with passion and a drive for what they do. Outside of work I am all about food, yoga, running and the odd gin and tonic thrown in to keep things lively.

You can follow me on twitter (@kukibee) where I talk about all things work and life related.

Zach Beauvais

ZachHaving worked at Talis for 3 years as the Talis Platform’s Evangelist, I’ve been privileged to meet many incredibly interesting people working across the web. I’ve written pieces for ZDNet and ReadWriteWeb, and have edited the Semantic Web’s magazine Nodalities for the past two years. I’ve just joined the Kasabi team as the Community Manager.

I also blog, flick, tweet, and undertake other webby verbs.

Chris Waring

QUaringAs Creative Lead for Kasabi, I officially joined the team this January, and will be focusing on user interaction, design and front-end development.

For the past 2 years, along with Dave Robinson, I’ve established a central design division at Talis, supporting bespoke design implementations for our customers across our existing suite of applications, Aspire, Prism and Engage.

Prior to joining Talis in 2008 I was Technical Director at Substrakt where I was responsible for focusing development using open web technologies and had the opportunity to work with clients such as the BBC, Ecler,

I’m mostly self-taught and passionate about innovation. I believe Open and Linked Data will fundamentally change the way information is consumed and empower the world to make better decisions. Follow me on twitter @cwaring.

Chris Nesbit-Smith

ChrisHi, I’m Chris. I joined the company six months ago and am one of the lead developers on the Kasabi project. I’m from a mixed background of both start-ups and big corporates, which I feel gives me a broad and grounded knowledge base from which to work. I love a challenge, especially when it comes to new technologies, and I am therefore really enjoying working on the Kasabi project.

Outside of work, I can usually be found spending time with my son, enjoying live music, attending stand-up comedy gigs, taking long-distance cycle rides or bouncing around on my Powerisers™.

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