Quick update from the Kasabi beta

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The last time I posted here, I was announcing the beginning of our private beta. It seems like a good time for an update now, so I thought I’d make a cup of tea and let you know a bit about what we’ve been up to over the past few weeks.

The primary purpose of any beta is to test out the features that have been put together, and get a wider perspective on the ideas being planning. We’ve now had people using the site over a period of a few weeks and have been building up a picture of how they find the site to use in its initial configuration. We’ve been gathering statistics on how people use Kasabi, and where they’re running into problems.

Another thing being tested is our ability to support and feedback to the community of testers using Kasabi. So far, this seems to work well: I’m getting feedback via our support site and developer network channels. I’ve had bugs reported, features requested, and improvements suggested.

Each week, we’ve been committing the changes made by the Kasabi team, and sending out release notes to the beta community with lists of tweaks and changes. So far, I’ve been able to include at least a couple things that have been highlighted by the testers in each release, including a few substantial changes to the way people access datasets.

We’re gearing up for the next big releases for Kasabi, which will include a series of planned features such as dataset publishing. This makes the feedback of the beta testers increasingly important for us to understand what works and what doesn’t! I’d also like to take this opportunity to thank the many people who have taken their time to sign up for the Beta and send me their suggestions.

Of course, another side of a beta period is to give an early glimpse of Kasabi to a set of people who may find it useful. If you’re reading this, you’re most likely interested in data, APIs, information publishing or similar. If you are also interested in joining the people who have a look at Kasabi before we make it public, please do get in touch. The easiest way to get an invite is to fill in your details on kasabi.com, and I’ll get your request. If you also want to drop me an email about your project, interest, or experience, you can find me at zb@talis.com.

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