£5m investment into the ‘Internet of Things’

Posted on 05/27/2011 by


With the growing number of internet enabled devises that can network and communicate with each other, the Technical Strategy Board announcement to make a massive investment in this growing area is rather timely.

The initiative is aimed at “accelerating the formation of the internet of things ecosystem” and inviting British Businesses and other stakeholders to shape the programme.This will be followed by funding competitions, the first of which will be announced this autumn.

Mixing data from devices with that from people and other sources will be at the heart of the Internet of Things and all funding projects that come from it. At it’s core Kasabi is ideally placed to deliver this, it offers a free data hosting solution and access to a range of working APIs on all datasets within the marketplace. The Kasabi team bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise working with different datasets.

Here at Kasabi HQ we will be following developments in this area with interest. If you are following TSB funding announcements and are thinking about a project then get in touch. We would welcome the opportunity to partner with organizations working in this area. Leave a comment on the blog post or please feel free to drop me a mail at danisha.bathia@talis.com.

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