We’re Recruiting!

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Want to work in a small, fun team with big ambitions? Interested in joining Team Kasabi to help us turn Kasabi into a great platform for data providers and developers? Well we’re currently recruiting for two people to join the team.

The first role is a Drupal Engineer. The Kasabi web application is currently built on Drupal 6 and we’re taking advantage of a lot of good Drupal modules to build out the website. But we’re also creating our own modules and extensions. There should be some interesting engineering challenges as we develop the site further and integrate it more with our internal API layer. If you’re a Drupal developer, then this is an opportunity to get involved in a project that is aiming to get the very best from Drupal as a framework.

The second role is a Data Engineer. Personally I think its a dream job for anyone that enjoys scraping, wrangling, munging and generally tidying up datasets to create a great foundation for others to build on. We’re doing a lot of data analytics inside Kasabi, so there will be opportunities to help shape our approach to data processing and use a number of different Big Data analytics tools.

I’m often asked if location is an issue. Talis, and Team Kasabi, are based in the UK, with offices in Birmingham. However the team works mostly from home: currently we try and get together once or twice a week, with daily Skype catch-up calls. So location is definitely not an issue. Our goal is to find some great people that can help us turn Kasabi into a really awesome product.

If you’re interested in applying then click through to the job description for either the Drupal Engineer or Data Engineer role for details.

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