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New datasets have been appearing in Kasabi, and with the publishing of ChemPedia RDF, came the suggestion that we should have a category for scientific datasets. So, the new Science data category was able to begin with ChemPedia as its first dataset. That was handy.

The science category makes a lot of sense, and I’ve moved a few more sets over to it, as they fit well from their existing categories too. Egon, ChemPedia RDF’s publisher, helpfully blogged about the process of using Kasabi, which has also been a useful insight into how folks find it. Thanks Egon!

So poking round the catalog, I’ve added the NASA set to Science. For those interested in the set, I’ll quote its brief summary:

This dataset consists of a conversion of the NASA NSSDC Master Catalog and extracts of the Apollo By Numbers statistics.

Currently the data consists of all of the Spacecraft from the NSSDC database which is a comprehensive list of orbital, suborbital, and interplanetary spacecraft launches dataing from the 1950s to the present day. Entries are not limited to NASA missions, but include spacecraft launched by various agencies from around the globe.

There is plenty of developer documentation around this set too, which details how the publisher sees the set being used, how it’s modelled, and outlines the kinds of resources available.

It’s also a dataset which has customised APIs. The Launch Details API, is a stored SPARQL procedure which returns data relating to launch events. It’s a good example of the kinds of stored queries that can be used via API calls, so you can customise a particular contextual view of the data, and share it.

There are a few other datasets moved over into Science too, but I’d be even more interested in learning about your scientific data!

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