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Kasabi’s beginning to pop up in blog coverage, and I wanted to quickly highlight a couple of recent posts.

ReadWriteWeb, which has always loved data-based technology, covered Kasabi in its recent post on data markets. The piece gives an interesting perspective on the rise of data being made available online, and Kasabi gets the kudos of being a “goodie” :).

What makes Kasabi one step ahead of others is the powerful mechanism provided by SPARQL to slice, select and remix the data.

The article is certainly worth a read, and I think Davide did a good job in bringing together such a broad grouping of data-driven projects with an interesting idea for the direction the wider community is taking:

We can reasonably expect data markets, or whatever we’d like to call them, will play a prominent role in the emerging data economy. Once the revenue models for data publishers are clearly defined and accepted, and once a critical mass of 5-star quality interlinked data sets become available, a new wealth of opportunities for developers will emerge. featured an interview with Leigh covering Kasabi’s view on business models for data. It’s a helpful post, providing kasabi’s marketplace context, and giving a glimpse of our plans for the business side. They also did a great job in summarising some important aims:

Both sides of this data ping-pong ball need support – the publishers on the end of providing good documentation, presentation and licensing terms of their Linked Data sets and the users on the end of being able to explore it, and to have summarizations of the data sets and how they inter-relate so they are easier to use.

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