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Hackday Roundup

Yesterday, around 20 of us gathered in a rather cozy room above Russell Square for our first themed hackday. We were teamed up with BrightLemon, who attended and had a hand in organising and publicising the day. Alongside us were hackers invited to build with Kasabi focused on Open Government data. Thank you to everyone who came, or followed along with twitter!

Leigh began by introduced Kasabi using the recently-published NHS datasets. This lead to quite a bit of discussion around approaching datasets and working with the NHS information.

Most of the day was given over to hacking time, where folk explored the datasets, and tried their hands at putting things together. The NHS ‘sets, for example, lead to a KML output google-mapping dentists according to region. Kasabi’s SPARQL API’s were also tied in with Drupal, for a hack that let Darren put together queries through Drupal’s views.

One of the things I found very exciting was Tim Davies’ publishing of aid-related datasets into Kasabi. He blogged about how he’d converted data from Aid Info Labs, and published the IATI and Global Hunger Index datasets during the hackday.

The thing that interests me most about these datasets are their potential for being built upon, and Tim summed up the hackday rather nicely in his post:

Linked data has a steep learning curve – and it’s still not an easily accessible end-user technology. But platforms like Kasabi are making it easier to work with – and some of the other projects demonstrated in today’s hack-day, including using the Views modules in Drupal to query remote SPARQL datasets, and make data available for exploration and visualization from within the Drupal interface, hold some impressive potential.

We’ve got some way to go before there is a clear IATI linked data model, but we’re also not far off being able to get some really interested prototypes working to explore the benefits of doing so and to help the process on it’s way.

Kasabi Culture Hackday

We’ll be hosting a new hackday on a different theme now: Culture Data. We’ll be at in London at 76 Portland Place on 21 September.

The topic’s broad and the potential for interesting apps as wide as possible. We’re looking to build applications on datasets including:

  • music
  • art
  • theatres
  • food
  • history
  • events
  • and the rest…

We’ll put on lunch, and have a good supply of SPARQL-blend coffee on hand to fuel collaboration. I’m also looking for datasets and hack ideas leading up to the event, so if you’ve got something you’d like to build (or would like to see built), drop me a line.

If you fancy joining us, you can click to

Register for Kasabi Culture Hackday in London, United Kingdom  on Eventbrite

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