Kasabi Podcast: Lin Clark introduces SPARQL Views for Drupal

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On Friday, I had a conversation with Lin Clark about her work on the Drupal project, SPARQL Views. Lin is a Linked Data researcher, based at DERI, and has done a lot with data and Drupal. SPARQL Views is based on the concept of the Views module in Drupal, which allows Drupal to make requests to databases without needing to write out SQL queries. In the podcast, Lin tells us about the project, who it’s for and outlines how she sees it being used.

Lin has also put together a series of screencasts—using the CIA World Fact Book dataset in Kasabi as an example source. You can follow the screencasts below, to get a complete picture of installing and running SPARQL Views on your Drupal site. It is also worth noting that each dataset in Kasabi has a SPARQL endpoint, so you can use similar setups with other sets.

I’d like to hear about it if you build anything using SPARQL views—whether or not they’re pulling in data from Kasabi—so feel free to send a note to the Kasabi Developer Network list (kasabi-dev@googlegroups.com) or use the comments below.

Kasabi Podcast: Lin Clark Introduces SPARQL Views

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Lin’s Screencasts

illustrating SPARQL Views’ setup and configuration,then how to build cool things using Drupal and hosted data!

Using Views to Query and Visualize Remote Data, part 1 (which features on Lin’s blog here):

Using Views to Query and Visualize Remote Data, part 2: Relationships and Context: