Taking Kasabi to the next stage

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For the past 18 months Talis has been incubating Kasabi, helping it to grow from an experimental project into a thriving service. This year we’ve taken the service first into private and then public beta, and are making great progress towards a full live release.

We’re now confident that it’s time for Kasabi to grow more rapidly and begin its journey towards becoming a fully-fledged global business. With that in mind Talis is increasing its investment in Kasabi enabling us to grow the team and step up our pace. This means that we’re making some changes to the Kasabi team.

I have been leading Kasabi’s early product development and vision, and will continue to do except as CTO of a larger Kasabi business.

To accelerate growth of the platform we are forming new data engineering and developer support teams. This will let us ramp up both our data acquisition and commercial activities. Joining the Kasabi team as Head of Customer Operations, Alison Kershaw will take responsibility for this area of the business.

Alongside Kasabi, Talis has also been investing in a second generation data platform, capable of powering a wide range of data hosting, usage and analytical applications. This technology and its engineering team will also become part of the Kasabi business.

Ian Davis will be stepping down as CTO of Talis and will join Kasabi full-time as CEO of the new organisation. We’ll also be recruiting a new Chief Marketing Officer to complete the new management team.

Our mission is to unlock the value in the World’s data by enabling new business models for producers and consumers of data at all scales. The changes we are making today will take us closer to realising that mission and help our customers become successful using any kind of data.

This is an exciting step forward and I’m looking forward to working with Ian, Alison, and the new Kasabi team.

We’ll keep you posted on progress on this blog, but you can also now follow us on Twitter (@kasabi).

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