Cooking with Kasabi

Posted on 11/25/2011 by


Some people may have noticed a change in the way Kasabi’s documentation is laid out, now that it’s more of a book of API info, help and examples. There is a couple of other new “books” up, and I want to point out the kind of Kasabi cookbook of recipes. The recipes are there to help you make something using datasets in Kasabi—I know, shocking, right?— but there are some other ingredients in the shopping list.

For example, a popular item in data-wrangler’s kitchens is Google Refine. There are two recipes for:

Each guide takes you through the steps, and provide code example gists for quick-start hacking.

The current list of recipes also includes:

From the recipe book, you can also quickly jump into the API documentation books, or run through the developers’ guide, in case you run into trouble. This new layout and content has been put together to make things quicker to scan, and easier to use. I’d love to know what other ingredients you’d like to see used, and for you to share your favourite data recipes too.

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