So you want data, eh?

Posted on 01/20/2012 by


You’ve got this great idea for a mobile app using some original content that you have created. You can see the interface in your minds eye, but where are you going to get the data that will add value to your engaging content, like recipes or rail routes, or locations? And once you have got the data how are you going to massage it into something that’ll be easy to work with? How are you going to store it, combine it on the fly and serve it to users of your app? These are all questions that might stop you from taking that great app idea any further.

Maybe we can point you in the right direction? For a start we might have the data already. If you are interested in food or transport then we are already focusing on bringing you data, and will be bringing some new datasets online over the next few weeks. We’ve already released a snapshot of rail, bus, coach and ferry schedules, ready for you to consume.

Even if we don’t have the data yet, we can help you work with the people who do, to encourage them to make that data available. Data owners may not realise there is value in opening up access to their data to a wider or new audience. We can help you talk to data owners to show them the value of new data markets.

That app you were thinking of is not as unachievable as you thought.

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