Win a StrataConf Ticket: Update

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##Update: A winner will need to be chosen earlier than announced before, so that the conference organisers know who’s coming, so the winner will be notified on 20th February.

Team Kasabi has found itself holding a spare ticket to O’Reilly’s Strata Conference in Santa Clara, California.

Strata Conference is the leading event for the people and technology driving the data revolution. The home of data science, Strata brings together practitioners, researchers, IT leaders and entrepreneurs to discuss big data, Hadoop, analytics, visualization and data markets.

This has given us the exciting opportunity to put together a super-quick competition, and invite someone to join us at Strata in a few weeks (28th Feb—1st March). If you’d like to win our spare seat, entry is simple:

Tell me what dataset you’d most like to see in Kasabi and why.

Tell me about your data on this quick form. This could be a dataset you know about which isn’t yet in the marketplace, or a topic which you would like to be able to use through Kasabi. Tell me what interests you about this data, and how you can see it being used. Also, you’ll need to enter your email so I can alert the winner (contact details will only be used to contact the winner).

Because time is short, the winner will be chosen at random on the 22nd20th of February. We won’t be able to cover travel or accommodation to the event, I’m afraid, but will transfer our spare ticket to the winner.

So, ping away and tell me what dataset you most want to see in Kasabi, and why that one in particular.

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