Guest Post: FixMyStreet ReLaunches!

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Following MySociety’s relaunch of FixMyStreet (previous post here), Myfanwy Nixon catches us up on their progress. relaunched on March 12th. The most immediately obvious change was its smart new look, but there are several changes to the site’s functionality and underlying processes, too – particularly as regards access via mobile devices.

The new version makes the most of one of FixMyStreet’s major strengths – maps. These now expand to fill the entire available browser space, while remaining as navigable, draggable and zoomable as before. The resulting interface capitalises on the inherent beauty of maps, but also enhances usability and accessibility.

This flexibility is a feature of FixMyStreet’s new responsive design. Resize your browser window, and you will see the site elegantly adapt to any dimensions, providing a mobile-specific interface when it is reduced to iPad size and below.

Those accessing the site from mobile devices are guided down a slightly different path than desktop users – additional steps show them a fullscreen map for pinpoint location, and a confirmation step to prevent reports being sent in error – all too easy on a small screen.

Thanks to these features, the mobile web browser version of FixMyStreet should cater for our users’ needs while we now turn our attention to upgrading the standalone app.

Other features of the relaunch include:

  • Much higher resolution for uploaded images, and auto-rotation for those that need it
  • Report data is pushed to Kasabi’s data store, with access for anyone who wishes to analyse it. As an organisation which promotes open data, we are particularly pleased with this development.
  • We’ve implemented Javascript to load in the background, so that the maps on the subsequent page will display more quickly.

You can read more about Talis’ App Fund project here, and if you would like to talk with Talis and learn more about working with data-rich applications, drop us a line.

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