So Long, And Thanks for All the Data

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The Kasabi website and APIs have now been shutdown. Thank you to everyone that tried the service and provided feedback. The team has had a fantastic journey over the last two years and we’ve learnt an incredible amount. The about page on the blog now has a brief summary of the project and what we were trying to achieve.

As planned the datasets have been archived. Ed Summers has also backed these up to the Internet Archive. Thank you Ed.

If you’re wondering what to do with your datasets, then you have several options:

  • is a free community directory of datasets run by the Open Knowledge Foundation. While it doesn’t offer RDF storage or APIs, its a great place to list your dataset so that others can find it. You can link to data dumps, APIs, and provide useful metadata for developers
  • If you want cloud hosting for RDF then the closest service to Kasabi is Dydra. Dydra offers RDF storage in the cloud with a simple RESTful API layer. You could use that to host your own data using a commercial solution
  • If you want to host the data yourself then we recommend looking at Apache Jena. We’ve been using the TDB triple store to host data in Kasabi and the Talis team contributed to its development. Epimorphics offer commercial suppport for Jena. Of course there are other commercial stores out there, including Stardog, OWLIM, etc.

All the best from the team.

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