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Greg Hadfield Introduces Open Data Cities



By Greg Hadfield Living in a city in the 21st century is a truly remarkable experience. Without exaggeration, it presents an historic opportunity. Humankind has been on the planet for about 160,000 years; cities have existed for, say, 6,000 years; we have used the internet for barely 50 years. We do indeed live in interesting […]

Welcoming Benjamin Nowack to Team Kasabi



A start-up is defined by its team. The success, drive and ambition required to make a startup successful comes from the team and its shared vision of making a really great product. I’ve been working hard recently to find additional talented people to join Team Kasabi. Benjamin Nowack should be known to everyone who has […]

Context remains king: why linking is the next big thing



There was an interesting post published on Programmable Web yesterday about how Foursquare are developing their platform. The most important aspect of that is this goal: to make Foursquare the missing “Rosetta Stone for location, allowing you to link information about a real-world place from one database to any other.” Now it’s not just about […]

What’s in the Kasabi Beta?



Last week we held our first Kasabi hack day and yesterday we started sending out a wider set of invites to developers to let them take an early look at the site. We’ve spent a great deal of time over the last few months exploring lots of different areas of functionality in Kasabi. But we’ve […]

Looking ahead to Strataconf



The new O’Reilly conference, Strataconf, is being held in Santa Clara at the beginning of February. Over the past couple of months it’s been shaping up to be a really special event in the conference calendar with a great array of speakers, topics and attendees. I set up a personal schedule for the conference to […]

Follow us on Twitter and Github



Like any new service we’re planning to use existing social media services to share insights into what we’re working on. We have two twitter accounts that we’ll be using to share information from the site: @TeamKasabi — this will be our main twitter account, shared by the whole team. We’ll be using this for key […]

Is This Thing On?



Welcome to the new Kasabi blog! Kasabi is a new service under development at Talis. For the past 9 months we’ve been operating as a small start-up team incubated within the Talis Platform division. This is a model that Talis has successfully used before to explore new product and service options and one which I […]


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