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Open Government Hackday



We’re keen to start showing off Kasabi to as many people as possible. So over the coming months you can expect to see us at a number of events, as well as running some of our own. We’re pleased to announce the first event, which will be a hack day themed around Open Government data. […]

Giving RDF Datasets more Affordance



The following is a version of the talk on Creating APIs over RDF I gave at SemTech 2011. I’ve pruned some of the technical details in favour of linking out to other sources and concentrated here on the core message I was trying to get across. Comments welcome! The Trouble with SPARQL I’m a big […]

SemTech Thoughts



Attending SemTech 2011 last week I was struck by a shift in emphasis from “What If?” to “Here’s How”. I think there were more people sharing their experiences, technical & business approaches, and general war stories than on previous years. I think this reflects both the extent to which semantic technologies are, slowly, percolating into […]

Kasabi Public Beta



We’re about to move into the next phase of development of Kasabi, switching from the private beta that we launched at the end of March into a full public beta. This morning we’ve rolled out a new openly accessible version of the site which is at As a key milestone for the public beta, […]


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