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Working with Kasabi API Keys



You signed up for a Kasabi account and have started developing a client side application (e.g. a javascript and HTML based webapp), but you have just realised that for every API call you make, you are going to have to give your api key. You have also realised that you will need to make this […]

So you want data, eh?



You’ve got this great idea for a mobile app using some original content that you have created. You can see the interface in your minds eye, but where are you going to get the data that will add value to your engaging content, like recipes or rail routes, or locations? And once you have got the data […]

Building a Mobile App using Kasabi



In a departure from our normal working day, we decided to see just how easy it would be to build an iPhone app that could feed data into a Kasabi dataset using Kasabi’s APIs. We threw some ideas around and decided to build an app that could be used to record a series of sounds […]

Introducing Tim Hodson, Developer Advocate



I am Tim Hodson, and my raison d’être at is to find ways to help people like you be successful in using the data available through our APIs. You probably already know that the core data hosting and ready-provisioned APIs of Kasabi datasets allow you to get a data backed application out of the door […]


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