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Guest Post: FixMyStreet ReLaunches!



Following MySociety’s relaunch of FixMyStreet (previous post here), Myfanwy Nixon catches us up on their progress. relaunched on March 12th. The most immediately obvious change was its smart new look, but there are several changes to the site’s functionality and underlying processes, too – particularly as regards access via mobile devices. The new version […]

The John Peel Time Machine



Guest Post by Storm’s Mike Ellis Everyone knows the legend that is John Peel—and everyone who knows John Peel knows the Peel Sessions. For 37 years, from 1967 to 2004, a vast range of bands recorded live in the BBC studio – normally laying down 4 tracks; some of them rough and ready, others polished […]

Hacking on the Record



This weekend, the National Archives are doing something particularly amazing by hosting their first ever hackday: Hack on the Record. They are bringing together developers and experts (from the British Museum, British Library and Wikimedia UK) with the well-said intention of: We want to work with developers who share our interests in history, government and […]

Guest Post: My Society



By Myfanwy Nixon At mySociety, our goal is to build websites that improve access to civic and democratic rights. is a typical example of that: it’s a simple site which encourages people to take action within their own communities. Got a problem such as a pothole or broken streetlight? Nip onto FixMyStreet, input the […]

Five Stars for Data



Here on the blog, we’ve featured a series of datasets which might be interesting to you, such as the British Library’s British National Bibliography. We’ve also visited the work of our Data Team in finding and improving published data and making them available through Kasabi. One thing I haven’t talked about here is some of […]

GeoVation and Open Cities



Last week, Greg Hadfield introduced the Open Data Cities conference, and explained the thinking behind it. Now, I’d like to point out some of the great things happening with geographic data that tie in with the conference’s theme. This Year’s Geovation Challenge from the Ordnance Survey is up and running, and Greg has written about […]

Making Apps



Over the past few months, we’ve been exploring the world of data-driven applications, from Facebook to mobile services. Following on from our Christmas hacking, we’ve also been working with several developers to help them turn their ideas into applications. Helping developers do great things with data is part of our vision, and we’ve offered financial […]

Working With Data: Kasabi Workshop



We’re putting on a one-day Workshop in London (Venue TBC) on 21st March to help get you working with data. Anyone interested in working with data or Kasabi is welcome to join us, and we will be hacking and coding throughout the day, so bringing your laptop/devices will be helpful. You can register on the […]

Improving Data: Food



The Data Team have been cooking up a set of data over the past few weeks (they asked me to say that :)) all about food, which is now available. They’re working on a dataset reflecting the world of recipes from the ingredients and tools needed through to cooking techniques. This will allow people who […]

Win a StrataConf Ticket: Update



##Update: A winner will need to be chosen earlier than announced before, so that the conference organisers know who’s coming, so the winner will be notified on 20th February. Team Kasabi has found itself holding a spare ticket to O’Reilly’s Strata Conference in Santa Clara, California. Strata Conference is the leading event for the people […]


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