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House-hunting with data



I’ve been a follower of Anna Powell-Smith on twitter for a while now (mainly because of her work on the Open Domesday Project), but I somehow missed her fantastic life-hack linking house prices with distance from London. On one hand, it shows what coders do to solve real-life problems with multiple sources of data and […]

Improving Data: World Air Travel



I recently introduced the Air Travel project on the blog, and am now able to show you the first public version of World Air Travel. This dataset combines information from several sources of data, and the Data Team has created stand-alone sets around specific topics which are also available as Airports and Airlines. We created […]




Monkigras gathered developers in the chairs, on the stage, along the streams of comments for two days and did not struggle to keep the attention of a highly engaged audience. Mixing in free and endless espresso with many varieties of beer were unnecessary in the light of interesting speakers and the vitality of the crew […]

Real-Time Data from Amsterdam’s Fire Service



Bart van Leeuwen has been well-known in the world of Linked Data for the past few years, sometimes called “the Semantic Fireman.” His story is easier to remember than many other ambitious discussions of using data to improve effeciencies, I am guessing because of the way it can begin: It is your job to guide […]

Mobile Monday: Data-Driven Mobile Apps



We will be joining the Mobile Monday February gathering in London to talk about data-driven mobile apps. We’ve been looking into this world, and investigating developers’ needs for useful data; and had a go just before Christmas at working on an app ourselves. So, to explore further, Kasabi are sponsoring the Mobile Monday on 13 […]

Improving Data: Exploring Air Transport



Kasabi’s Data Team are working on a series of data conversion and publishing projects, and one area of focus is air-transport. I will introduce you to some of the ideas behind the project in this post, and ask what you’d like to see in air-transport datasets. I’ll also follow-up with detailed information as new sets […]

We heart data



You may not have realised that the Kasabi team really likes data, so we’ve put together a poster expressing our semtiment. Alongside data, we’re also rather fond of the Kasabi bee, zipping in and out of datasets like flowers in the field…OK, so it’s Monday and I’m only on my first pot of coffee. But […]

Kasabi for Facebook Apps



Just before Christmas, Team Kasabi experimented with Kasabi’s app-driving potential by working on their own applications for a week. Tim posted earlier about his team’s mobile efforts in working on the FoundSound mobile app. I spoke with Leigh who—together with Julian and Benji—explored Facebook’s recently announced timeline. The Timeline lets users create a personal history […]

First Year of Kasabi



Around this time, it’s popular to look back over the year and reminisce about what’s happened, what’s changed, and point theatrically onwards to the new year ahead. For Kasabi, this kind of look-back post can never again have the same meaning. In 2011, for the first time, we had the chance to show people what […]

Europe Offers Data for Developers to Build on



“Europe’s public administrations are sitting on a goldmine of unrealised economic potential: the large volumes of information collected by numerous public authorities and services.” – European Comission Press Release Europe is planning to open up data, and seems like it is backing plans with serious commitment. The European Commission will publish its own data, and […]


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