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Culture Hack Day



Our second themed hackday is very nearly upon us, and a few spaces have become available. We’ll be meeting up this Wednesday to build on top of cultural datasets in central London. A bunch of datasets that can be hacked upon have been featured here on the blog, and there will be some new sets […]

Featured Dataset: British National Bibliography



Today, I’ll be featuring a dataset encompassing a complete catalog of publishing activity in the UK: the British National Bibliography. The national bibliography records the publishing activity of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland and as such is a measure of their intellectual output. This has traditionally included printed publications and more recently […]

Kasabi at SemTech London



In a few weeks (26-27 September, to be precise), a fair chunk of the Kasabi team will be at the Semantic Technology and Business conference in Hotel Russell. Talis is sponsoring the event, a couple of us are giving talks, and we’ll be at a stand in the exhibition hall alongside Talis’ consulting team. We’ve […]

Featured Dataset: ChEMBL-RDF, with Egon Willighagen



Published in Kasabi by Egon Willighagen, ChEMBL is a conversion into Linked Data of an important dataset of chemicals from the European Bioinformatics Institute. I had a conversation with Egon—who is involved in postdoctoral research associate at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm—about this set, and asked him what it contains: The database consist basically of […]

Kasabi Podcast: Lin Clark introduces SPARQL Views for Drupal



On Friday, I had a conversation with Lin Clark about her work on the Drupal project, SPARQL Views. Lin is a Linked Data researcher, based at DERI, and has done a lot with data and Drupal. SPARQL Views is based on the concept of the Views module in Drupal, which allows Drupal to make requests to […]

Recommended allowance of… Pytassium



One of the things I’ve mentioned in a few featured dataset posts is Pytassium. Pytassium is listed alongside other client libraries in the Kasabi docs, and it’s a Python creature hatching from an egg for installing etc. But what I’ve mostly been using it for is a cool trick it does when it works as […]

Featured Dataset: Prelinger Archives



Following on a bit from the Lego featured last week, I wanted to take a look at some media data. So, today I’d like to feature a very interesting set of data called the Prelinger Archives. Rick Prelinger, back in 1982, began a collection of rather diverse films under the broad category of being “ephemeral”. […]

Publishing Data Checklist



Some publishing tips Lately, I’ve been writing about datasets Kasabi hosts and trying to draw out some interesting facts and uses of each of them. What I’d like to do today is to very quickly point out some things which can make a dataset most useful in Kasabi. As a quick guide, it might raise […]

Featured Dataset: Bricklink



Featured datasets usually end with an emphasis on what you can build on top of them, so I’m irretrievably drawn to feature the Bricklink set today—a set you can build on top of, and features data built for building… er… with Lego. Bricklink is a Lego marketplace. Essentially it is the EBay for Lego, where […]

Featured Dataset: BBC Music



Featured Dataset: BBC Music Our next developer event for Kasabi will be based on culture, so I thought it’d be a good idea to feature a musical dataset today. BBC Music is a set based on the BBC Music website, and contains a comprehensive collection of information about musical talent covered by BBC programs—from radio […]


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