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Featured Dataset: Global Hunger Index



Today’s featured dataset is the Global Hunger Index. The GHI set includes information about global nutritional poverty linked with geographic identifiers (Geonames). It’s been contributed by Tim Davies, who kindly answered a few questions I had about the dataset. I’m keen to see humanitarian datasets can be put to use, and would love it if […]

Media, Freedom and the Web



This last weekend, I found myself wearing a lab coat, meeting people working on some of the most interesting projects on the web, while in the queue to an entirely free espresso bar. And, I kept seeing human-sized foxes walking about and dancing. I was fairly sure I needed to wake up. In fact, I […]

Kasabi at Mozfest



On the 4th, 5th and 6th of November, we’ll be joining with the Mozilla community in London for the Mozilla Festival. Hundreds of developers, designers, and “big thinkers” will gather with the simple expectation of changing the world through the web. This year’s theme is Media, Freedom and the Web—how can the web can make […]

We’re sponsoring the first Autumn Hackathon



We’re sponsoring the first Automn Hackathon in London this weekend: a Javascript, JSON, and Node.js gathering at the Central Working. As I write, some spaces are still available. The Autumn Hackathon is the first in a series of technology hack days, bringing together developers to pool their talents to create new ideas and applications. Judges […]

Featured Dataset: Yahoo Geoplanet



If you haven’t got any plans yet for this weekend, I’d like to tell you about my favourite place on the planet. It’s called: woeid:12602188. Sorry, I mean: Shropshire. If you can’t go there physically, I might have a solution for you using the Yahoo Geoplanet dataset, which: … helps bridge the gap between the […]

Join us for a Query Barn-Raising



*Update* Today, we’re  having our first virtual barn-raising event. The goal is to add value to datasets, and today’s task is to contribute useful or interesting queries to as many datasets as possible. There is a new timeline visualisation up on the site, which follows newly-created queries as they’re added. The name of the query-creator […]

Featured Dataset: Government Art Collection



Today, we’re featuring a dataset which Leigh pulled together for our Culture Hackday last week. The British Government has been collecting works of art for the past century or so, and has a total of around 13,500 which is looked after under the Collection. On their site, they give a bit of context for reasons […]


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