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Featured Dataset: IATI



As mentioned earlier, we held our first themed hackday this week, and I’m happy to be able to feature one of the datasets published by a hacker during the event. I’m very excited about this dataset. For a start, it was published during a hack event, and the time-scale for getting them out is pretty […]

Open Gov Hackday



Hackday Roundup Yesterday, around 20 of us gathered in a rather cozy room above Russell Square for our first themed hackday. We were teamed up with BrightLemon, who attended and had a hand in organising and publicising the day. Alongside us were hackers invited to build with Kasabi focused on Open Government data. Thank you […]

Featured Dataset: MTA New York City Transit



Today’s featured dataset is one full of transit data from New York city, which is handy, because the Metropolitan Transportation Agency is looking for apps to be built on their data! Haveing a read of Programmable Web’s blog post, it seems that the MTA is offering a $15k prize for the best app, and they have […]

Some Kasabi Coverage



Kasabi’s beginning to pop up in blog coverage, and I wanted to quickly highlight a couple of recent posts. ReadWriteWeb, which has always loved data-based technology, covered Kasabi in its recent post on data markets. The piece gives an interesting perspective on the rise of data being made available online, and Kasabi gets the kudos […]

Featured Dataset: Foodista



It’s virtually impossible to feature a dataset about food without immediately thinking of applications (and puns involving forking, mashups of spuds etc…). Today’s ‘set is Foodista, which takes data from the community wiki as a crawl of food, tools and cooking techniques from the site. From the Developer’s Docs, the purpose of this dataset is […]

Featured Dataset: English Heritage



The dataset English Heritage is full of information covering one of my favourite topics: historic locations. The set comprises metadata for around 400,000 places the UK Government’s adviser on the historic environment (English Heritage) records. Ian Davis published this conversion of data available directly from English Heritage, interlinked with location information from the Ordnance Survey. […]

Science Category



New datasets have been appearing in Kasabi, and with the publishing of ChemPedia RDF, came the suggestion that we should have a category for scientific datasets. So, the new Science data category was able to begin with ChemPedia as its first dataset. That was handy. The science category makes a lot of sense, and I’ve […]

Open Data, Hacking and Events



Last week, I had the fun of giving a very quick talk and a demo of Kasabi in Nottingham. I was at the Open Source GIS conference, and the track covered open government data. I also had the pleasure of being able to listen to the session ahead of my talk. Dr Mooney and Professor […]

They seemed to get the big ideas before I could even say them…



Last night, I had the privilege of introducing Kasabi to a room-full of Semantic Web enthusiasts. We had gathered in the back of a rather characterful wine bar just south of the Thames as part of a regular meetup organised by Marco Neumann and Ian Bailey. I had been invited to talk about our new […]

Quick update from the Kasabi beta



The last time I posted here, I was announcing the beginning of our private beta. It seems like a good time for an update now, so I thought I’d make a cup of tea and let you know a bit about what we’ve been up to over the past few weeks. The primary purpose of […]


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