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Making Apps

February 20, 2012 by


Over the past few months, we’ve been exploring the world of data-driven applications, from Facebook to mobile services. Following on from our Christmas hacking, we’ve also been working with several developers to help them turn their ideas into applications. Helping developers do great things with data is part of our vision, and we’ve offered financial […]

Improving Data: Food

February 10, 2012 by


The Data Team have been cooking up a set of data over the past few weeks (they asked me to say that :)) all about food, which is now available. They’re working on a dataset reflecting the world of recipes from the ingredients and tools needed through to cooking techniques. This will allow people who […]

Improving Data: World Air Travel

February 6, 2012 by


I recently introduced the Air Travel project on the blog, and am now able to show you the first public version of World Air Travel. This dataset combines information from several sources of data, and the Data Team has created stand-alone sets around specific topics which are also available as Airports and Airlines. We created […]

Real-Time Data from Amsterdam’s Fire Service

January 31, 2012 by


Bart van Leeuwen has been well-known in the world of Linked Data for the past few years, sometimes called “the Semantic Fireman.” His story is easier to remember than many other ambitious discussions of using data to improve effeciencies, I am guessing because of the way it can begin: It is your job to guide […]

Improving Data: Exploring Air Transport

January 26, 2012 by


Kasabi’s Data Team are working on a series of data conversion and publishing projects, and one area of focus is air-transport. I will introduce you to some of the ideas behind the project in this post, and ask what you’d like to see in air-transport datasets. I’ll also follow-up with detailed information as new sets […]

So you want data, eh?

January 20, 2012 by


You’ve got this great idea for a mobile app using some original content that you have created. You can see the interface in your minds eye, but where are you going to get the data that will add value to your engaging content, like recipes or rail routes, or locations? And once you have got the data […]

Featured Dataset: Global Hunger Index

November 17, 2011 by


Today’s featured dataset is the Global Hunger Index. The GHI set includes information about global nutritional poverty linked with geographic identifiers (Geonames). It’s been contributed by Tim Davies, who kindly answered a few questions I had about the dataset. I’m keen to see humanitarian datasets can be put to use, and would love it if […]

Featured Dataset: Yahoo Geoplanet

October 14, 2011 by


If you haven’t got any plans yet for this weekend, I’d like to tell you about my favourite place on the planet. It’s called: woeid:12602188. Sorry, I mean: Shropshire. If you can’t go there physically, I might have a solution for you using the Yahoo Geoplanet dataset, which: … helps bridge the gap between the […]

Featured Dataset: Government Art Collection

September 30, 2011 by


Today, we’re featuring a dataset which Leigh pulled together for our Culture Hackday last week. The British Government has been collecting works of art for the past century or so, and has a total of around 13,500 which is looked after under the Collection. On their site, they give a bit of context for reasons […]

Working With the Ordnance Survey Data

September 28, 2011 by


An interview with John Goodwin John has been working with semantic web technologies for a number of years, and is deeply involved in the Ordnance Survey’s recent adoption of Linked Data. Recently, John has been exploring the features in the Kasabi beta, so we caught up with him to find out more about his experience. […]


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